Whisky Tastings

So long as Scotland has been able to utter the words Whisky, so has been the timeline of it’s existence. In other words no one exactly knows how long it has been around.

The first official recording of Whisky as a product was done around 1200 AD, by our Irish cousins who decided that by copying the Whisky recipe, Irish Monks could in turn barter with the Scots.

” Uisge Beatha” Gaelic for ” Water Of Life” As we now know it “Whisky”. ┬áThe Water of life was exactly that, in the beginning it was used for medicinal purposes, however the canny Scot’s realizing other potential and took it to another level, to where Whisky is today one of the highest exports of product for Scotland.

Whatever and wherever the tasting or event, the main focus is to provide our guests with an informal, enjoyable and informative night out…with plenty of frivolity!

Please join us in an experience you will not soon forget.


Whisky tastings by Rubright & Hardagain, feature Will Rubright and Dick Hardagain, often referred to as the Scottish Abbott & Costello of whisky educators, collectors and connoisseurs of fine single malt Scotch. Rubright & Hardagain’s whisky tastings are educational and highly entertaining, a unique opportunity to learn about and enjoy single malt Scotch whiskies.

They break away from the more traditional stoic take on whisky and are much more contemporary and hilarious in their ability to share their love of the Water of Life

Leave it to us

All that we require is a place to set up and enthusiastic audience!

Prices start from $25 per person and are priced on a bespoke basis relative to the location, quantity and style of event

Specialized tastings are available upon request.